This is a site of Akinobu Matsuda, a Classical Guitarist,
a student of M.Andrés Segovia.

This Web Site has built and opened for the purpose of endeavor to make the music of classical guitar more popular, and to be recognized its charm widely.
Mostly he plays on Antonio de Torres (1892).

You will listen to a part of Sevilla by I.Albeniz from CD="Sound of the Guitar-4" cliking on the picture.

Some coments by the audience and Photos are on the page Guitar & I.
with the Programme of recent concerts 2019.

Some of my Esseys will be translated into English
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I will select as many as substantial chapters and translate them for this english site.

at home

new year of 2016 at the back yard of my home

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I must inform that almost all of my Lps and CDs on-sale are not available at music shops,
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My performances and some photos are on You-Tube. They are Bach and Ponce. They each link to You-tube clicking the following.
Akinobu Matsuda "J.S.Bach Cello Suite no.3"
Akinobu Matsuda / Allegro Non Troppo "Prelude" (Ponce)


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Opening Talk

Welcome to my web site!

In 2001, my essay book on the title of "Guitar is an Orchestra of a small Planet"(in Japanese) was published, in which I tried to express my thoughts as a guitarist. Happily enough, this book was received warmly with many readers.
Then I decided to release a CD, "Sound of the Guitar 3" -subtitled - "Guitar is an Orchestra of a small Planet" for the purpose of having those readers listen to my thoughts to the guitar in actual sounds of the guitar. I also received a plenty of praise from, in or outside of Japan for this CD. I found some words pointing that "One become to have much energy listening to this CD before beginning his or her day's work", as well as this is a "healing music".
I am enormously pleased if I could have played music as encouraging music, stimulate listeners highly motivated with hope for next day's work from healed, calmed and peaceful mind in listening to this CD. This was more than I could expect to be able to play music like this, espcially in playing classical music.
Although publishing essay and producing CD was a great enterprise for me, I was greatly encouraged having these sensational reactions, I was stimulated to make up my mind to open "My home pages - my Web Site" which is a large unknown field to me like a dark matter.
To make guitar and music lovers get more acquainted with me and my music, I will make it one of the purposes to talk my life went through the world with a guitar, in these pages.
I strongly believe that guitar is one of the best string instruments which ever existed. I hope these pages would give much pleasure and help to understand classical guitar and its music and also we become to make longer friendship through these pages.
If you like, you may write to me here concerning to the guitar, I will try to write you back.
In the quite near future, I'm sure, and I hope, you, English readers, will be able to read Japanese language with computer translator.
The following buttons lead you to pages where you will find some English explanations.